The Velvet Principle
The Velvet Principle

Wayfinding Design & Strategy

Wayfinding design is concerned with helping people orientate in physical space and navigate from place to place. It requires an understanding of the cognitive and intuitive processes involved; an ability to interpret a scheme to identify existing wayfinding cues (e.g. architectural features, lighting) and those locations where additional information is needed.

Wayfinding for large, complex destinations, such as a city or visitor attraction, can involve detailed analysis to identify a series of interconnected but distinct zones. These may relate to the local geography (e.g. riverside), predominant activity (e.g. business district, shopping area), or a significant cultural attraction. Once defined these zones provide the building blocks for increasing the legibility of the area and developing the wayfinding strategy.

A successful scheme is intuitive, doesn’t intrude, aligns with the brand and design environment and increasingly requires both a physical and digital solution. Whatever the scale of the project The Velvet Principle has the experience and skills to:

  • Develop a wayfinding strategy
  • Design the information (including maps, plans, pictograms) and sign hardware
  • Design digital applications
  • Project manage the procurement and installation