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Castle Quay Waterfront, Banbury: Sign Design

Design of finger prompt signs within Castle Quay Waterfront

Brief:     Wayfinding and Sign Design
Client:    Cherwell Valley District Council
Sector:   Shopping Centres

Designed by Leslie Jones Architects Castle Quay Waterfront is an extension to the existing Castle Quay Shopping Centre, that stands on the site of a mall originally built in the mid 1970s. Running alongside the Oxford Canal, this extension opens up Castle Quay and the town as a whole, to the canal. It also brings a cinema (The Light); a Premier Inn Hotel; Lidl supermarket; and a selection of branded restaurants to Banbury.

A primary objective for the wayfinding is to establish new routes to and through Castle Quay Waterfront, with the main public transport hubs and other amenities within the town. As these routes include sections of the Canal path – a popular leisure trail for walkers, cyclists, and canal boats – it was important that the information didn’t intrude unnecessarily. As such the signs are designed to fade into the background when not needed, but to be clearly visible to those looking for guidance.

The design is inspired by a combination of the industrial heritage of the canal and the character of the architectural design. With the shape of the sign forms directly influenced by the angles of the roof line and panels on the façade of the new extension.

Incorporating the brand identity within the design of the signs, reinforces the connection of this outdoor space with The Castle Quay Shopping Centre. At key gateways, the brand identity is elevated and illuminated. So that it acts as a beacon, drawing in visitors and contributing to establishing a vibrant night-time economy within Banbury town.

High level Castle Quay identity sign
Design of totem sign for Castle Quay
Design of Castle Quay totem sign
Long view of fingerpost sign for Castle Quay along the canal
Car Park Entrance and welcome sign to Castle Quay
Castle Quay fingerpost sign located along the canal