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Designing accessible wayfinding strategies that cover the whole visitor journey is the core of what we do. It’s what our Creative Director has been doing for 25+ years for major retail, commercial office, public sector, town centre and residential projects across the UK and internationally.

Whether it’s a new development, refreshing an existing scheme or solving discrete wayfinding challenges, The Velvet Principle has the expertise and experience to deliver a comprehensive, accessible wayfinding scheme.

Sign Design

Signs are the most tangible element of any wayfinding scheme. We design the sign product and content for both static or more dynamic digital solutions. Never losing sight of the functional requirement, we make the design work hard to communicate the essence of the brand or place. The result is something that is firmly anchored within its location.​

It’s not just about wayfinding. We design signs that cover a broad set of communication and information needs within places. From applying brand identities and designing graphics that tell the brand story; to terms of use and interpretive information. 

Manifestation Design

Full height glass doors, windows or partitions in public buildings require glass manifestation to help prevent injuries from people inadvertently walking into them. Beyond the health and safety requirements, manifestation or window film is often applied to provide modesty screening or privacy.

Rather than ordering from a catalogue, why not opt for something bespoke? Over the years The Velvet Principle have created unique patterns and designs that add to the overall aesthetic and help to tell the story behind the brand.​

Interpretive Information & Hoarding Design

​If you’ve got a tale to tell or a unique feature to highlight that will add value to the visitor experience – talk to us about bringing it to life. Whether it’s communicating what there is to see and do; designing information to inform and entertain or providing orientation and navigation guidance, we’ve got it covered. 

Why not make the most of security hoardings or vacant spaces, with large scale graphics that communicate a vision of things to come; promote sales or just entertain? Not only will they potentially detract from something unsightly, they’ll also stimulate interest and curiosity and help keep the local community on board.

Black vinyl hoarding with Notting Hill Gate branding and directional information applied to the glass frontage of a shop
Black vinyl hoarding, with a large pink, purple, blue and green lettering applied to the glass in an empty shop front in Notting Hill Gate

Implementing Brands in Buildings

There’s more to branding a building than placing a logo over the door. To create impact, identity signs need to be at the right scale and work with the architectural style of the building. Internally, it’s about developing a consistent language and design style for all signs – from the welcome graphics in reception through to room numbers and names. 

Or you can go the whole hog – designing creative graphics and elements that bring the brand to life. Setting the stage for the experience you want to deliver and providing a stimulating environment for your staff and visitors.

And if you need to refresh or create a new identity?  We will work with you and your team to understand your business, vision and objectives. Getting to the heart of your brand, service or place.

Our creative team will then kick in, to design an identity that expresses your values and the essence of what you’re all about. 

Kiosks to Charity Boxes.....

On occasions, we stray away from traditional wayfinding products, designing bespoke items that provide unique brand touch points. In the past these have ranged from mobile customer service kiosks and information desks, through to charity boxes, exhibition stands and seating. 

If you are struggling to find what you want through the usual channels – challenge us. We will work with you to visualise your idea, develop the design specification and turn it into a reality. We will find someone with the right skills and experience to build it and oversee the process through to delivery.