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Trinity Leeds: Shopping Centre Wayfinding

Brief:     Wayfinding Strategy, Design & Implementation
Client:    Landsec
Sector:   Shopping Centres, Retail

This Chapman Taylor designed shopping centre fits artfully within the existing buildings, as a seamless extension to the city streets. The development is built into a natural slope, so visitors approaching from the north enter on the first rather than ground floor. As well as solving this orientation challenge, the shopping centre wayfinding needed to align with the wider city information.

To help visitors understand what level they are on and what is above and below, the signs are colour coded. These colours, selected from the brand palette, contrast strongly with the build materials. To further ensure standout and maximise readability all the signs are lined with LED lights.

The design of the mall maps, positions the centre within the wider city and reflects the design style used within the Leeds “Walk It” scheme. As a result the shopping centre wayfinding scheme anchors Trinity Leeds within the city and ensures continuity between different environments.

Implementing the Brand 

Using the brand logo as a framework, a series of external identification signs reflect the character of each entrance. The main sign features a mirror-polished framed T, lined with LED lights and filled with silver discs. 

These discs shimmer in response to sunlight and wind – creating a jewel like feel to align with the glamorous fashion offer. The materials correspond with those in the destination defining public art at the entrance and within the main gallery.

For the smaller entrance off Boar Lane, dichroic film graphics were applied to the glass canopy. These change colour with the viewpoint and inject a similar dynamic feel. For the third, at the crossing point in Albion St,  the limited headspace proved a particular challenge. Research identified that this was close to the site of the old Leeds Music Hall – one of the first venues outside of London to use neon lighting. In celebration, the brand logo is filled with pink neon, providing a clear connection between the two sides of the centre and the city’s cultural heritage.

Continuing the theme, the design of the internal totems, prompts and index signs is inspired by the central spine of the T in the brand logo.  The information is mounted on a clear acrylic infill, which enables shoppers to see through the signs to views beyond. This approach is extended to the design of digital advertising screens.

The outcome is a truly considered design solution that connects all elements to capture and express the brand

Image of a totem sign, located on a ground floor entrance to the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre. The sign is a vertically oriented lozenge shape with a transparent green acrylic infill. The information is displayed on a black rectangular panel and includes a plan of the shops and a retailer list.
Escalator index sign located at the base of an escalator. The lozenge shaped sign has a green acrylic infill and details about the various amenities on each floor are listed in a blue panel. In the distance is a directional prompt sign, suspended from the ceiling similarly with a green acrylic infill and white text on a darker green background
Close up of a the entrance identification sign for Trinity Leeds shopping centre. If feature the outline of a letter T, in a gothic style that is infilled with small metal discs
Neon signs applied to a wooden panelled background featuring the Trinity Kitchen identity; a large yellow outline of a knife and fork; a large blue outline of a cocktail glass with a cherry on a stick; and vertical lines of various lengths and colours
View through ground floor of Trinity Leeds Shopping centre showing the totem and directional sign design
Lozenge shaped index sign inset in blue acrylic located at the top of the escalator within Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre, with shopper passing by. In the background is a large metal sculpture of a horse and the glass panelled, curved roof