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Empowering People

 by making sense of the places they visit 

Wayfinding Consultancy

We develop integrated wayfinding strategies that use a range of tools to enable people to navigate and route plan.

Sign Design

We design content and sign forms that communicate all there is to see, do or learn in a place and guide people on their journey.

Experiential Graphics

We design graphics and products for buildings and places that capture the essence and character of the brand or experience.

Latest News & Views

Totem with text ranged in direction of travel

Wayfinding Procurement

For most significant property development projects, sooner or later wayfinding or signage will come up on the to do list.  If it’s something you’ve not had to deal with recently or ever – trying to identify suitable suppliers could prove a little baffling.
Here’s a little guidance on how and where to find suitable suppliers for the job.

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Happy 12th Birthday

Happy 12th Birthday To Us!

It’s our 12th birthday – 12 years since we left the relative safety of the corporate world to set up The Velvet Principle.
A big thank you to all the wonderful people who’ve supported and worked with us over the last twelve years. May the adventures continue.

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Place Cells in the brain

The Brain Science of Wayfinding

It might surprise you, but work to understand the complexities of the brain processes involved in wayfinding and navigation has been a fertile area of academic research for many decades. Its importance was recognised in the award of the 2014 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, to three research scientists. Here we discuss how the principles underpinning the development of wayfinding strategies reflect how our brains work. Proving, if you needed it, that wayfinding design is part art – part science.

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Composite images of different uses of digital screens in wayfinding signage

Digital Wayfinding Signage

AI, virtual/augmented reality and Internet of things might be stealing the tech limelight, but for wayfinding designers, the pace of change in digital screen technology is equally enthralling. The robustness and resolution seems to be accelerating along with a relative reduction in price (and increase in acronyms). Are we approaching a tipping point when it comes to the cost of incorporating digital screens in wayfinding signs? And how to you choose the best option for your scheme?

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