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Regents Crescent, London: Residential Wayfinding

Brief:     Residential Wayfinding & Sign Design
Client:    CIT, Midgard
Sector:   Residential 

Located close to Regent’s Park, with its elegant Grade 1 listed façade designed by John Nash, Regent’s Crescent is an iconic exemplar of regency architecture.  Developer CIT’s, vision was to restore the building to its former glory. Celebrating the regency grandeur with a modern contemporary feel, to create 67 luxurious apartments, 9 garden villas and a suite of shared amenities.

We were introduced to this fabulous project by the interior architectural team Millier. The wayfinding brief was to provide a high standard of customer service, while preserving the exclusive nature and privacy of the residents. As such the information needed to be clearly visible, when and where needed, but fade into the background when not required.

Although there are a series of entrances and exit routes along the crescent, these are restricted to the use of residents. The service protocol is to channel visitors through the main entrance to the concierge. The high-end nature of the development dictated that a discrete approach to entrance identification was required. As a result, a series of intuitive cues are used to direct visitors to the entrance.

Taking inspiration from the high-quality materials and colour palette of Millier’s design, the wayfinding signs (manufactured by Reade Signs) are made up of individual characters applied directly to the walls. Made in a mixture of bronze and brass with a heritage patina finish, the design nods to the heritage with a modern aesthetic.  

External view along regent's Crescent

Image Courtesy Reade Signs

Apartment directional signs - Regent's Crescent Apartments
Apartment identification sign in storage area in Regent's Crescent Apartments
External apartment address sign - Regent's Crescent Apartments
Level identification sign - Regent's Crescent Apartments
Directional prompt signs applied to the wall in Regent's Crescent Apartments
Apartment numbering signs - Regent's Crescent Apartments
Close up of directional prompt signs in Regent's Crescent Apartments
Gated entry identification sign - Regent's Crescent Apartments
Large external identity sign - Regent's Crescent Apartments