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If there is one thing that the 2020 Covid pandemic has taught us, it’s that the world really is a small place. Something that happens many thousands of miles away can have a devastating impact on our lives. It also illustrates how important it is for everyone to take personal responsibility and do our bit, however small, for the common good.

Like many businesses, The Velvet Principle is constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and our design. Over the last few years, we’ve ticked off the obvious things – switching to a renewables energy supplier, using public transport for business travel and even buying in loose leaf tea for the company cuppa.

To really make difference, we recognise that sustainable development needs to be at the heart of everything we do as a company and individuals. It needs to be a strategic, business activity with clear goals and measurement frameworks in place to monitor and challenge performance.

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, The Velvet Principle has developed a plan that includes a mix of operational policies, performance measures and development initiatives. We see this very much as a journey.  Over the coming months and years the intention is to refine and develop our practice – sharing our progress and learning as we go.