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Trinity Kitchen, Leeds: Environmental Graphics

Brief:     Identity & Environmental Graphics
Client:    Landsec
Sector:   Food & Beverage

Trinity Kitchen is an innovative food concept, within the Trinity Leeds shopping Centre.  It offers a mix of  branded restaurants alongside an eclectic mix of street food retailers trading out of vans, sheds & carts. The line-up of street food vendors is changed every month – keeping it fresh and encouraging repeat visits. The Velvet Principle worked with architects Fusion DNA, on this unique brand experience design project. Designing the identity and a series of graphics and signs that help set the stage.

As a sub-brand of Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre it is important that the Trinity Kitchen identity relates to this overall brand. It also needed to align with the design ethos of the concept – industrial grit meets urban glamour. As a result the same font is used across both identities.

Reflecting the industrial character, the main identification signs are made from galvanised stainless steel,  with embedded LED lights and pink neon script providing the glamour.  

Neon is also carried through into directional signs within the dining area. The fixings of all these signs are deliberately left exposed to reinforce the industrial nature.

A further series of graphics using different crafted media, from ceramics through to traditional sign writing throughout are used to express the concept.  The retailer directory is a marquee sign, more usually associated with cinema film listings. This allows the line up retailer to be easily and cost effectively updated to communicate the changing offer.

A combination of  heavy industry materials, neon, exposed fixing and handcrafted  graphics, all contribute to creating the backdrop for this unique brand experience.

Large neon sign placed over the lift. at the top is the outline of a green arrow head, pointing upwards with the word WC underneath. Below this is yellow is the letter G followed by a downward pointing arrow head
Large white graphics painted on a brick wall. Featuring the slogan 'Food Glorious food' and underneath 'Everyday Britain drinks 165 million cups of Tea
Close up of the Trinity Kitchen identification sign featuring green illuminated individual letters spelling out Trinity, overlaid by the word 'kitchen' in pink neon script. There is a metal chicken-wire sheet in front of the sign and a string of small industrial inspection lights behind. The fixings for the signs and infrastructure for the services is clearly visible.
Stepped back view of the neon index sign. Installed on wire mesh panels above the lift door, the sign features a green outline of an arrow head pointing upwards with WC written below. Stacked underneath is a letter G in yellow neon and a downward pointing arrow head
Decorative, floor to ceiling white tiled wall panel. Featuring the words Open 7 days a week, eight till late, 12 places to eat and drink in black lettering..
Stepped back view showing an identity sign and direction sign for Trinity Kitchen in situ. In both Trinity features as individual letters with green illumination running through the centre. The word kitchen is written in pink neon italics and runs at an angle. The identity sign is suspended from the ceiling and behind a wire mesh screen. The directional sign is attached to a green-tiled column within a lozenge shape. An arrow runs around the right and top edge of the lozenge which is illuminated by white inset spot lights