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Gatehouse Apartments, Southampton: Wayfinding Signs

Brief:     Wayfinding Strategy, Sign Design & Implementation
Client:    Grainger plc
Sector:   Residential

Gatehouse Apartments is a 132 home, build to rent scheme located in a historically significant location. Close to Bargate, the medieval gatehouse, that at one time served as the main gateway to Southampton, it is also moments from the key retail and leisure amenities within the city centre. 

The building is arranged in a horseshoe formation, enclosing a  courtyard that provides resident parking. The elevations to the north and west span five levels but extend to a fourteen-floor tower in the south east corner. The building features the range of resident amenities you would expect from a Grainger development – a resident’s lounge, gym and roof terrace.  

The wayfinding brief included the design of the building identifications signs at the main visitor’s entrance, the reception graphics, apartment numbering as well as route guidance through the building. The design of the signs celebrates Southampton’s cruise ship heritage and the port’s status as one of the busiest water gateways to the UK. The shapes of the sign forms and graphics nod to the Golden Age of Travel and the penchant for bold ship hull graphics, so evocative of iconography of that time.

Gateway Apartments, Southampton - reception sign
Level identification sign and directional sign at Gatehouse Apartments
Apartment number sign design for Gatehouse Apartments
Entrance Sign at Gatehouse Apartments Southampton
Residents entrance sign at Gatehouse Apartments
Direction sign to resident facilities in an apartment block
Lift Index Sign at Gatehouse Apartments, Southampton
Wayfinding signs in the stairwells in Gatehouse Apartments Southampton