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The Spires, Barnet: Mall Wayfinding Design

Brief:     Wayfinding Design
Client:    Hunter REIM
Sector:   Shopping Centres

As part of a wider refurbishment programme, The Velvet Principle updated the wayfinding in this town centre shopping centre, to align with a new contemporary design and announce the arrival of new tenant brands.

The Spires benefits from its location on a busy high street. A combination of the design of the building and planning restrictions on external identification signs, limits the visibility of the entrance in views along the street. With little information at the entrance about the retailers, interventions were also needed to communicate the offer to encourage further exploration.

To address these challenges, large-scale graphics have been applied to the gable end at the High St entrance. These welcome shoppers to The Spires and communicate the range of retailers available.  

Once inside, the customer journey is supported with further wayfinding guidance, again applied directly on to the architectural features. The font and square bracket graphic embellishments echo the design of the new brand logo, helping to reinforce the brand.

The design of the illuminated totems at the rear entrance, is inspired by the ‘brand brackets’ in profile – capturing the brand identity in 3D form.

The project required a thoughtful approach to address the limitations imposed by local planning and the building. The result is a relatively low cost solution that takes advantage of the architectural features and reinforces the brand; whilst providing the level of customer care demanded by the client.

CGI of totem sings at the rear entrance of The Spires Shopping Centre
CGI of totem sign at entrance to the car park.
Design detail for the wayfinding refreshment for The Spires Shopping Centre in Barnet