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Volkhonka Vision: Place Identity Deisgn

Brief:     Brand & Literature Design
Client:    White City Project
Sector:   Regeneration

Volkhonka Vision is a community led urban regeneration project in a cultural quarter of Moscow. Sponsored by the White City Project, it involved teams of experts, residents, students, employers and workers coming together to explore a series of themes. The Velvet Principle was tasked with developing the brand approach and identity design for the organisation and projects.

With ‘Improving Where we Work Live and Play’ at the core, the individual projects involved a mix of observation and community engagement. The topics covered a wide range of interest areas from green spaces, community amenities and civic lighting to healthcare provision and meeting the needs of families.

As well as creating an identity, that would be extensible and reflect the cross linkages between these different topics, The Velvet Principle designed a literature system for the reports. This enables each topic report to work as a standalone publication, but also form a coherent unified document when brought together, under The White City Project umbrella.

The identity features a series of different coloured squares that are overlaid and arranged to create a roundel. The overlapping transparent colours meant that additional colours ware available for use on subsequent projects and topic extensions.

For the design of the literature system, each sub project was assigned its own colour from the motif and the square device carried though into the publication.  The square was oriented to reflect its positioning in the roundel. In this way each project had its own unique identity but had a clear connection with the overall initiative.

Brand identity design for Volkhonka Vision
Motifs for individual sub-brands
Example report cover for one of the research stream in The Volkhonka Vision project
Cover for the research project report