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Aldar, Abu Dahbi: Wayfinding Guidelines

Brief:     Wayfinding Guidelines Manual
Client:    Aldar Developments, Saatchi & Saatchi X
Sector:   Various

Aldar has a diverse property portfolio within the UAE that includes schools, hospitals, health centres, shopping centres, offices and apartment buildings, as well as the iconic Yas Marina and Ferrari World attractions.

Following the creation of a new identity by a leading international brand consultancy, The Velvet Principle was tasked with developing a comprehensive wayfinding guidelines manual. The aim was to ensure consistent application of the brand and adherence to good wayfinding design practice, throughout the estate.

Aldar wanted to create a core set of design principles that would communicate the essence of the brand, but enable individual developments to express their unique character. These principles were defined and captured within a guidelines manual that specifies the colour palette, font, text size and pictogram suite.

The manual also sets the design standards for wayfinding components such as entrance and facility identification signs, directional prompts, totem signs and map design; and advises on sign layouts and material selection. Thereby, ensuring that wayfinding schemes implemented within Aldar properties adhere to accepted best practice when it comes to design and accessibility.

The plan was to share the manual with external consultants, as well as internal management and operations staff.  So the content had to be accessible to a wide audience, with different levels of expertise and experience. To meet this need, diagrams and images are used extensively throughout, to illustrate both “what” and “what not” to do. The result is a practical guide, that enables the uniqueness of an individual property to be expressed, while adhering to  corporate communication standards.

Extract from a wayfinding guidelines manual
Extracts from a wayfinding guidelines manual on map design and directional signs
Extract from a wayfinding guidelines publication