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Map showing green spaces across London

Green Route Wayfinding

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A few weeks ago I set off from home in West London on a 25km circular walk. Following paths and trails, flanked by trees, waterways and open spaces. With London’s reputation as one of the world’s most congested cities – I find that amazing.

Front cover fire safety building regulations document

Wayfinding Signage Fire Safety Regulations

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The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 comes into force in January 2023. Mandating the installation of wayfinding signage in all multi-occupancy residential buildings 18 meters or seven storeys high. Here’s an overview of what you need to do to comply.

Examples of biophilic principles applied to environmental graphics

Biophilic Wayfinding Design

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What are the benefits of biophilic design and how can wayfinding and environmental graphic design contribute. In this post we explore the evidence and discuss the different components that make up biophilic design

Department of Transport pictograms showing various symbols as black outlines

Icons, Pictograms And Symbols

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Anyone involved in the world of wayfinding and sign design is likely to come across the terms pictogram, icon and symbol sooner rather than later. As jargon goes these terms, are pretty innocuous. But what’s the difference between an icon, pictogram and symbol? We give our view on their different uses in wayfinding design.

Creative design for an entrance identification sign to a car park

The Art Of Vertical Banner Design

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Vertical banner signs are frequently seen on the sides of buildings and shops or fixed to lampposts. For multi-storey buildings, applying high level, banner signs can help cut through the visual noise and increase visibility of the brand, destination or promotional message. When it comes to the layout should the letters read from the bottom to top or vice versa?

Pool of London Wayfinding Sign Design

Importance Of Landmarks in Wayfinding

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Highlighted in Kevin Lynch’s seminal book on urban planning The Image of the City, landmarks play an important role in helping us understand a place. Not only do they provide the datum points that help us build a mental map, we rely on them to find our way round. Therefore, an audit of the local context to identify potential landmarks should be a key input in the development of a wayfinding strategy.

Mall map design for Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre which includes a 'You Are Here' marker

Pedestrian Map Design

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A summary of the key things you need to consider to design an effective map or plan for pedestrian wayfinding