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Wayfinding Signage Fire Safety Regulations

Front cover fire safety building regulations document

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 comes into force on 23rd January 2023. This will make it a legal requirement for all residential buildings with a top storey more than 11 metres above ground level to have wayfinding signage installed.

These regulations require floor level identification and flat directional signage to be installed on all floor levels, with very specific instructions as to the design, location and position. 

For anyone involved in designing, implementing or commissioning wayfinding signage, the table below summarises the main requirements. Full details can be found in the updated 2019 version of The Building Regulations 2010.

NB All new and any existing multi-occupancy residential buildings that are undergoing material improvements, that are above 11m from ground, are already required to install wayfinding signage.

Summary of wayfinding signagerequirements to comply with new fire safety regulation in high rise residential buildings

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